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Tazito Garcia - Sat, Mar 19 -


    (Actor & Director)


    Tazito Garcia is a former school teacher and pro athlete turned twenty-three-time Award Winning performer and filmmaker. As multi-faceted actor, director and film producer Garcia loves to give back and inspire the up-and-coming generations of filmmakers and creatives.


    As an avid supporter for women in film, Garcia has always stood for the equality of women in the industry. Since the early 2000s, Garcia pioneered indie filmmaking followed by a string of no-to-low budget films in 2009. These films became extremely successful and was highly recognized in the global film festival circuit.


    In addition to being a published author of two top selling filmmaking books (available on Amazon), Garcia is the co-founder of the annual Movie Expo.


    Garcia’s recent projects include a supporting role in Project X-traction (starring Jackie Chan and John Cena) as well as co-writing and starring in an upcoming Hallmark movie currently in pre-production.

* Images and work as seen on IMDb.

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