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Steve Binder - Sat, Mar 20 -


    (Executive Producer/Co-Showrunner, NCIS)

    Originally from Northbrook, Ill., Binder attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison for two years before transferring to the School of Cinema at the University of Southern California. There, he received a BA in film production and graduated magna cum laude.

    Since 2006, Binder has worked as a writer and producer on NCIS. His additional television credits include “Totally Baked,” “Star Trek: Enterprise,” “The Dead Zone,” “The Invisible Man” and “Tremors.” Also, he directed, wrote and produced the feature film “Eating L.A.”

    When not in the writers’ room, Binder enjoys spending time with his two daughters, martial arts, and playing the ukulele.

    He can be followed on

    Twitter @stevebinder

    Instagram @stevendbinder.


* Images and work as seen on IMDb.

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