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Sergio Navarretta - Sat, Mar 19 -


    (Director & Producer)

    Sergio Navarretta is an internationally award-winning director who is fiercely passionate about telling entertaining, impactful and meaningful stories on screen.


    Sergio’s directing career began with award-winning short films, commercials, lifestyle television and documentaries, and has evolved into the world of feature film and television series, among other media. Sergio has helmed three dramatic features for S.N.A.P. Films Inc., including THE CUBAN, THE COLOSSAL FAILURE OF THE MODERN RELATIONSHIP, and the true historical drama, LOOKING FOR ANGELINA. Sergio’s films have had successful festival screenings across the globe, won multiple awards, have had theatrical success, and are now in worldwide distribution.


    Having worked in both live action and animation with top Hollywood talent, Sergio also brings his experience as a producer, service producer, and executive producer to his production company and creative hub, S.N.A.P. Films Inc. He executive produced sci-fi feature ANDRON, starring Danny Glover and Alec Baldwin; executive produced and oversaw all aspects of production for the star-studded animated feature ARCTIC DOGS, starring Jeremy Renner, James Franco, Anjelica Huston, Alec Baldwin, John Cleese, and Heidi Klum; is executive producing LAMBORGHINI, starring Frank Grillo and Gabriel Byrne, and acted as a consulting producer on TRADING PAINT, starring John Travolta and Shania Twain.


    In addition to his prolific work in entertainment, he has taught masterclasses for Reel Works in New York City,and sat on several panels for the Academy of Film and Television, TIFF, Women in Film Toronto, Ontario Creates, Halifax Black Film Festival, Alzheimer’s societies, and FOLCS (New York City). Recently, he was named president of the Jury for the ICFF/Lavazza Drive-In Film Festival in Toronto.


    In 2020, Sergio was honored and proud to be asked to join Being Black in Canada’s Being Black in Toronto initiative, where he served as a Mentorship and Production Advisor, mentoring five astounding filmmakers. Participants in the program have the opportunity to present their films as a World Premiere at the Toronto Black Film Festival, as well as at the Halifax Black Film Festival and Montreal International Black Film Festival. The Being Black in Toronto program was conducted in collaboration with S.N.A.P. Films Inc.


    Sergio is currently developing a number of feature projects, television series, and projects across media, including his new podcast, CREATIVITY UNLEASHED, where he talks to leaders across industries about the role of creativity in their lives and careers, and how artists can develop a champion mindset.

* Images and work as seen on IMDb.

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