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Sergio Alvarado - Sat, Mar 20 -


    Sergio Alvarado is a Toronto-based casting director with 15 years in the television and film industry. Although having worked in various logistical and creative positions in production, Sergio got his start casting reality shows and has worked predominantly in casting throughout his career. Launching his own casting house, The Brunch Store, in 2010, he has cast everything from large scale reality shows, to documentaries, to unscripted branded content. Along with sister company 'The Casting Group', The Brunch Store has cast over 30 television series, feature films, and over 200 commercials. His most recent projects include Battle of the Blades, Haunted Hospitals, Locked Up Abroad for National Geographic, the upcoming feature Peppergrass and the third season of True Dating Stories on CBC Gem.


* Images and work as seen on IMDb.

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