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Rehan Jalali - Sun, Mar 21 -


    Rehan Jalali is an internationally recognized Certified Sports Nutritionist (C.S.N.) based in Beverly Hills, Ca. He has over 1000 nationally and internationally published articles on nutrition, training, and supplementation globally. Rehan has worked with many Olympic and professional athletes including Gold medalists.  He has developed customized nutrition and supplementation programs for clients that include Oscar®winning actors, Emmy® award winning TV stars, and Grammy® winning musicians. Sylvester Stallone says “Rehan knows nutrition and supplements” and “He is the Best of the Best”! Singer Nicole Scherzinger says about Rehan “You keep me Lean”! The latest Batman Ben Affleck calls Rehan one of the “Secrets to his fitness success”! Super Bowl champion Michael Strahan calls Rehan “The Man, the Myth, the Legend”! Oscar Winner Forest Whitaker credits Rehan for helping him drop over 60 pounds and keeping him healthy! Rehan has appeared on numerous TV shows including “The Doctors”, “Breakfast TV” and “The Art of Building Bodies” in Canada. He has been featured in several movies including “Bigger, Stronger, Faster” and the recent “SUPPS: The Movie” and “Access Muscle: The gym” on Amazon Prime Video. Plus his own bio pic “REHAN: The Making of a Super Hero Body”. As a film producer he is making several movies now including “The Skinny Truth” and “Balco Labs”!  Rehan is the author of several books including “The Ultimate Performance Guide to Fitness Success”, BestSeller “The Six Pack Diet Plan” (available on Amazon and at major bookstores), and the “Sports Supplement Buyers Guide”. He is co-author of “The Bodybuilding Supplement Guide.” His upcoming books include “The Super Hero Diet Plan” and the “Ultimate Guide to Women’s Fitness”, Rehan is also a natural bodybuilder who has appeared on ESPN. He is a media member of AMPAS (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences). His recent work involves using advanced genetics testing to provide detailed info on health and fitness!

    Rehan Jalali – C.S.N.

    Verified Twitter: @sixpackdietplan

    Verified FB: 

    Verified Insta: @sixpackdietplan 

    Goal: To Change the World, One Body at a Time! 

* Images and work as seen on IMDb.

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