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Stewart A. Lyons - Sat, Sept 21 - (2019)

  • Stewart Lyons is the Co-Executive Producer/Line Producer- best known for Breaking Bad, Everybody Loves Raymond, Step by Step, Better Call Saul Season 1

    This Emmy Award winning Line Producer of Breaking Bad has extensive production experience with most major studio, network, cable, and streaming television companies, including Netflix (where he was Director, Television Production in 2015), Sony Pictures Television, Warner Brothers, Amazon, HBO, NBC, and CBS. He has worked on 33 television series, 28 pilots, and dozens of features films and television movies.

    Stewart was the Co-Executive Producer for the premiere season of Better Call Saul. He won 2 Emmys as Line Producer for Breaking Bad, the most critically acclaimed series in the history of television. He also received two Directors Guild Awards, two Producers Guild Awards, a Golden Globe, and two Peabody Awards for this series.

    Stewart's discussion will zoom in on the key differences of production for television & streaming cable VS feature film for theatrical release. He will also share his insights on how the big shift in content delivery from traditional cable to streaming services has affected the overall focuses in productions.

* Images and work as seen on IMDb.

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