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Dennis Rice - Sat, Sept 21 - AM (2019)

  • Dennis Rice is a Producer best know for known for Trouble (2019), Charming (2018), and Gnome Alone (2017).


    Specializing in Publicity and Marketing, currently Dennis is the founder of Visio Entertainment. He is also the past President of Marketing of major film organizations such as Walt Disney Studios, Miramax Films, and United Artists.  


    Dennis is one of our Keynotes speaking on the topic of Motion Picture Marketing and Publicity. He will also be sharing industry secrets on how the top companys make use of technological and scientific approaches to determine trends and interests in what big studios now a days are looking to green-light. Learn the secrets to successully market your work to the biggest production houses. This is a session you wont want to miss. Book this seminar today!

* Images and work as seen on IMDb.

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