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Beryl Huang - Sunday, Sept 22 - (2019)

  • Beryl is best known for distribution for Wonders of the Sea (2017) into the Asian markets.


    Beryl will be hosting two seminars at the Movie Expo this year. Her topics of discussion include: Woman in the industry: How it all Happened, Distribution: Getting Into the Chinese Markets. and how we can bring more Chinese collaborations into the Canadian Markets. 


    CEO of Bruber Media, Beryl is a woman of many telents. Beryl Huang’s family has been involved in the political and governmental sector of Taiwan for many years. She learned first-hand with her father and grandfather the world of international business as well. For the past 18 years, Huang has focused her activities within the Entertainment space. Her activities now cover the acquisition of media content for distribution in Asia , worldwide distribution of Chinese and Taiwanese film & TV projects, and Chinese Investment in Hollywood projects. 

* Images and work as seen on IMDb.

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