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Beryl Huang - Sun, Mar 20 -


    (Executive Producer)

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Beryl Huang’s family has been involved in the political and governmental sector of Taiwan for many years. She learned first-hand with her father and grandfather the world of international business as well. Some of Huang’s strengths include transportation and banking in the whole Asian continent. For the past 18 years, Huang has focused her activities within the Entertainment space. Her activities now cover the acquisition of media content for distribution in Asia as well as the worldwide distribution of Chinese and Taiwanese film and TV projects in the rest of the world and Chinese Investment in Hollywood projects. Huang is also an international motivational speaker.


    The Bruber Groups of Companies currently consult for:

    • Hollywood International Film Exchange (HIFEX), a Chinese conglomerate which buys all rights of major feature films and documentaries for Greater China.
    • Sumunity Capital Corp., An Investment Company located in Pasadena, Ca.
    • American Tubs, a manufacturer and distributor of the highest quality of Walk-in Tubs for the Senior community.
    • Pyramid Pictures - A Chinese Production and Distribution Company
    • Vrais Films - A Production Company in France

* Images and work as seen on IMDb.

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