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Buting Yang - Saturday, Sept 21 - PM

  • Buting Yang is best known for Protégé (2007), Mission Impossible III (2006), Fearless (2006), and New Police Story (2004).


    Mr. Buting Yang is the Chairman at China Main Stream Media National Film Capital Hollywood Group Inc. He is also the Chairman at China Film Production International. Mr. Yang is the Chairman at China Film Distribution and Exhibition Association and Supervisor China Film Foundation. He is also the former President and the Chairman at China Film Group Corporation.

    The Asian film industry has become the largest feature film production market globally, and the Chinese investments dominate the industry. We are connecting Canadians with key Chinese investors in the industry Mr Yang will be speaking about co-productions, censorship & getting into the Chinese Market, film & and funding for film.

* Images and work as seen on IMDb.