SEPTEMBER 21 -22, 2019

Have a script idea? Make it a reality!

Movie Expo is bringing you the opportunity to connect with Hollywood producers for a chance to get your movie or shows made!!!

For the first time ever you'll have the opportunity to pitch to Hollywood Producers, Film Agents, Script Agents, and distribution experts ONE-ON-ONE.

Take the opportunity to gain valuable information, from what you will need, to improvement tips, to the direct chance to have your idea become reality.

Get your tickets now!


Only Executive ticket holders will have a guaranteed pitch sign up selection spot.

Only first 50 silver ticket holders and 50 gold ticket holders will have access to guaranteed pitch opportunity. 

All other Movie Expo attendees can line up to pitch on a first-come, first-serve basis.


What can you pitch?

Feature length (66 minutes or more) OR Episodic length (25 -60 mins) 

Include the following details for an effective pitch session.

  1. A trailer (preferably less than 60 seconds or less) -- does not have to be a final or polished trailer.

  2. In lieu of a trailer, a brief scene may be offered, but I would suggest it be less than 2 minutes as well.

  3. A pitch deck or sell-sheet.  Essentially either a single page or brief presentation in which you explain why your project is something that consumers will want to watch, purchase and recommend to their friends.  

  4. Stats on social media prowess of the project.  Does the cast or filmmaker have strong social media connections and the organizational skills to put those connections to good use upon release of the film?

  5. Artwork.  Best to have several different options ready for discussion.


Printed presentation material no larger than 8.5"x11" will be allowed may be given to producer to keep should you choose (business cards, sell sheets, artwork). Please note that any materials provided to the producer will not be returned once you have left the pitch session. Please do not ask producers/executives for their contact information during pitch sessions as it is against The Movie Expo policy. 

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